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Consider the Birds!

Did you know that bird watching is a Biblical mandate? During His famous sermon, Jesus told the crowds on a Galilean mountainside to consider (better translation is to look at with the mind, to observe carefully) the birds.

What can we learn from birds? Plenty! Have you ever seen a stressed out bird? OK, maybe in the cartoons or in a cage where there is a cat lurking. But, in the wild or in your backyard, birds do not appear to be worried or fretting about what they are going to eat, drink, live, or wear. They seem to know that their Creator has met all of their needs. Jesus told the crowds listening to Him that day, and He reminds us too, that our Heavenly Father values us much more than the birds. Meaning - we are not to worry but to trust ourselves into the care of a loving Heavenly Father.

This month the Creation Club went to the Woodbridge Ecological Reserve to learn more lessons from the birds and from two guest ornithologists. My daughter-in-law, Danielle Teravskis, and her friend Siera Nystrom are both biologists, bird enthusiasts, and committed Christians. They taught us other lessons from the birds and explained why the California Central Valley is so important to migrating birds.

So, this week fulfill the Biblical mandate by going outside and observing some birds. Consider how their Creator has so faithfully taken care of them. Then, reflect on how He has also cared for you. He has not only met your physical needs, but He has provided for your spiritual ones too - salvation, forgiveness of sins, and eternal life with Him. As you listen to the birds singing praise to their Maker, join them in whistling your own tune of praise to your Maker and Redeemer too.

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