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Creation Week Overview
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Class Notes:

Additional Learning Resources:

Week 1 - It is important when studying the Bible that we don't read into it our own external ideas, but that we read it for what it says.  We need to have good hermenutics by studying if for what God intended to communicate.

Week 2 - Check out this video to discover more about photons.  Nick Lucid can take very difficult science subjects and make them more understandable in his uniquely humerous and creative way.

Week 3 - Dr. Russell Humphreys is an American physicist who advocates for young Earth creationism. He holds a PhD in physics and has proposed a theory for which resolves the distant starlight problem that exists in young Earth creationism. 

Week 3 - Here is another fun video from Nick Lucid.  He does not come from a Biblical world view but see how what he discusses fits into passages of scripture talking about God stretching out the heavens like a fabric.

Week 4 - Here is video I showed in class today if you would like to see it again.

Week 5 - Here is the video I shared with the NASA Hubble Space Telescope images.  It you can't go outside tonight to enjoy the sky in person, you can watch some of this video.

Week 5 - This is a video I cut out of this morning's presentation due to time, but it is useful in helping to understand the progression and phases of the moon.

Week 6 - How does a Biblical Environmentalist address tough environmental problems?  Check out this video we shot at Sea World San Diego a few years ago about the effects of storm water pollution on marine mammals.

Week 7 - You are the climax of God's creation.  You were made in His image - you have His pedigree.  He gave you a job and a position.  Watch this video to find out how awesome our created bodies are!

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