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The National Park Testimony Series

Evidences of God's involvement in human and natural history is evident all around us.  A careful observer can see evidences of God's original work of creation and the global flood even in their own community or backyard.  But one of the best places to see these evidences is in what the famous conservationist, John Muir, called wild places.  The mandate of the National Park Service is to maintain, to the extent possible, the areas under their jurisdiction as untouched wild places.  It is in these National Parks that I have found many clear evidences, or a well-preserved testimony, of God's working in natural world history just as described in the Bible.  Join me as we journey to four of my favorite locations - the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Death Valley National Parks.

Click on the links below to travel with me to witness these testimonies for yourself ...

Grand Canyon: A Testimony Eroded in Stone

Yosemite: A Testimony Etched on Stone

Yellowstone: A Testimony Erupted from Stone

IMG_2685 (2).JPG

Death Valley: Extreme Testimony

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