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Creation Club is Back In-Person!

Mr. T and the Creation Club finally get to meet in person after 14 months of having to hold the club meetings online due to COVID. And what a better place to have the first in-person club meeting than the beautiful San Gregorio State Beach near Pescadero, California! Mr. T talked about the science of waves (something that Noah certainly encountered on the ark) including how to measure the height and length of a wave. Tsunamis were probably something that were being generated by earthquakes and volcanoes during Noah's flood. Mr. T demonstrated the difference between normal ocean waves and tsunami waves. He read from Psalm 107 which talks about God protecting people during scary situations including being on a stormy sea with giant waves. The Club discussed how God protected Noah on the ark and Mr. T shared about another time when God protected him from a school of jellyfish. Join the club for a fun day at this Northern California beach.

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