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Death Valley a Land of Extremes

I recently had an opportunity to explore Death Valley and found that it too offers an incredible testimony to geologic history as described in the Bible. I have come to view places like this and the Grand Canyon as an "hourglass of erosion" - with particles constantly on the move. I am currently working on a new section of my National Park Testimony Series on the Faith and Science Intersect website, but I couldn't wait to share some of my findings. Watch the below video as I introduce Death Valley by giving an overview of the park and describing the extremes found in it.

Change is inevitable, unavoidable, and unstoppable.  It is constantly happening and can be measured from moment to moment.  Like an hourglass, with the movement of every sand particle, whether by water or wind, change is occurring.  The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that all things are subject to "entropy" and are moving towards a lower state of energy ... the sand particle dropping to the bottom of the hourglass.  But does change require millions of years or can it be observed over a relatively short time?  Take a trip with me to Death Valley - a land of extremes, to observe an extremely large hourglass of changing geology. Be watching for the release of our new National Park Testimony edition and check out all six "Death Valley a Land of Extremes" videos. Join me for this fun and insightful trip to the lowest place in North America as we look at the Extreme Testimony of God's Word found in Death Valley.

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