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The Grand Canyon: A Testimony Eroded in Stone

Faith intersects science. Science has limitations. That which was not observed and cannot be repeated is beyond the realm of science. At some point we have to rely on our suppositions, assumptions, and belief system. We all look at the same evidence and data (i.e. rocks, fossils, stars, etc.), but we come up with different explanations because our starting points are different. If someone believes in God and that His Word (the Bible) is true, that person will typically believe in a 6-day creation, relatively young world, and a global cataclysmic flood. However, if a person's belief system will not allow for the possibility of the existence of an all-powerful Creator God, then that person will have a different starting point and will typically need to rely on naturalism and long periods of time to interpret the same data. But, does it matter? Well, that also depends on your belief system. But, the more appropriate and important question is, "Have you chosen the right belief system?". A wrong belief, no matter how sincere someone is, may lead that person down the wrong path with a disastrous outcome.

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